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Announcing collaboration with SIGG water bottles!!!

So excited to finally announce that I am the latest artist to collaborate with SIGG water bottles on their North American Collaborations Collection.


After an AMAZEBALLS introduction from my favorite Canadian in the world (@thelindsayyoung), SIGG asked me to help represent 'Merica in their North American Collection with some good ole' Stars and Stripes. And so I got to brainstorming.

I didn't want to just paint a bunch of flags and call it a day. Instead, my mind went the route of iconic national symbols.

Soaring bald eagles and statuesque bison.

Mighty native oaks and lady liberty's torch of freedom.

In the end, what unfolded was OriginaLizzie's version of 'Merica.

Get your hands on one of these awesome (if I do say so myself) water bottles today! Bonus: use the promo code LIZZIE (yes, they gave me my own promo code!!!)for 15% off anything in their store. Discount ends on April 22nd,aka Earth Day.

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