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Tomato Art Festival

This month I added a new 1st to my art adventures list... My original paintings were included in the Tomato Art Festival in Nashville, TN! I had no idea I would love painting tomatoes as much as I did.

Huge thanks to my friend Ithaca for encouraging me to paint a raccoon with tomatoes because it was definitely the star of the show. While walking around the gallery a couple of teenage boys were pointing at paintings saying which was their favorite... and I heard one say "I think the raccoon was my favorite." You better believe I squealed with delight and then had to out myself for eavesdropping.

All three of my tomato paintings sold and I am already noodling on coming back again next year with some fresh tomatoey ideas.

Bonus? I also entered into a tomato haiku contest while there and won 1st place in the Funnies category:

I am in a thruple.

Me, basil, mozarella.

We are caprese.

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