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humpback whale 1sm
Pangolin by originalizzie
American Bison by originalizzie
Whale Playin Ocean by originalizzie
Bald Eagle by originalizzie
sperm whale_sm
Garden Deer by originalizzie
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Tulsi Red Chia Masala tea​

Prima Watercolor Set: Essence

Princeton synthetic brushes

"Fire" by Sara Bareilles

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Lizzie Keenan is a self-taught watercolor painter, travel enthusiast, and lover of all things related to llamas. She is the artist behind @originalizzie on Instagram and Etsy.


A born and bred westcoaster, Lizzie currently resides in the land of a thousand different coffee roasts and “put a bird on it.” Yes, that’s right, she lives in Portland, Oregon. In between waterfall hikes, alpaca yoga (it’s a thing), and kombucha tastings, she spends her free time putting brush to water to paper to create colorful and joyful art. While her paintings originate from her tiny apartment living room, their inspiration is derived from nature, animals, and her travels both near and far.

"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents."

Bob Ross

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Portland, OR

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